This is a longer article, but it very beautifully illustrates what is really behind all the high-up, moral phrases and intentions. What the powerful are up to with humanity and why what happens. No conspiracy theory, receipts. The plans of the powerful they openly announce on the internet.

What have they made fun of the ′′ aluminium hats These lunatics with their new world order dystopia! The one-world government that takes all power and dictatorially tells us what to do in all aspects of life hahaha, such a crazy Orwellian fantasy!

Well it’s time. The new world order is coming next year and it’s called The Great Reset. The World Economic Forum played the ball first. His founder, Klaus Schwab, designed the cornerstones of the New World Order and was allowed to spread in the following media landscape ad libitum. Now the next representative of the ′′ world elite ′′ speaks: UN Secretary General António Guterres. He too dreams of a one-world government that strives for global justice, anti-racism, ecology, climate protection and thriving global corporations as the beautiful new world.

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