The good news is that in the top floors of politics and economy it is assumed that the system will last until at least January 2021 The bad news: In January 2021, they meet at the World Economic Forum and want to discuss what ′′ the new world economic order ′′ should look like. Note: Not whether there should be a new world economic order. This is already decided. And actually, the cornerstones are already clear beforehand. Very central values should be human dignity and justice.

Now we have already experienced many examples that draconian measures, quite in the Orwell speech, are always turned into highly moral-sounding terms and are actually the opposite. ′′ Equality ′′ actually means that everyone is equal and needs to be treated like this, but actually it means blaming white men for every mischief in the world, sex education actually means verbal child sexual abuse, sustainability through solar and wind energy actually means flutter power and nature destruction. The list would be long.

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