This article was written in the British Medical Journal, but Facebook fact checkers AFP, now far more than scientists and call it FAKE news. The very same AFP that were spreading the propaganda and lies of Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria since 2011 to start a war.

These purveyors of propaganda are now being used by Facebook as ‘fact checkers’. Why not use experts in propaganda to stop people reading the truth. Call the Truth, Fake and they will believe the lies and propaganda.

So now AFP have become experts in scientific evidence, reporting which ones are real and which are fake, to fit their hidden agenda.

Taking down scientific evidence on Facebook just because it doesn’t fit the agenda will not wash anymore, because the public are now wise to this and know that if it is taken down, IT MUST BE TRUE.

The evidence they have called fake has actually been corroborated, but AFP ignores the fact so that Facebook can play God.

by Allan S Cunningham

As we see below, the AFP knows better than the British Medical Journal and accuses it of publishing fake news. A medical trial is not fake news it is fact, it happened and it has results. People can make up their own minds as to the results, but they are fact. It cannot be called ‘FAKE NEWS’.

Facebook fact checkers AFP

Instead the AFP justify themselves by citing that US studies did not find this. However they do not mention where these studies were taken that proves the opposite. The British study was not the only one that proved that flu shots have an effect on the reaction to covid-19.

Even a Military study found that a flu shot will increase the Coronavirus risk.

If you google these studies you will find an equal amount of Facebook fact checkers, namely Reuters and AFP claiming they are all fake news.

It was both Reuters and AFP that were posting fake stories of the SOHR the Al Qaeda telegraph for spreading propaganda. Every one of them FAKE news on behalf of terrorists to start a war on Syria.

What we learn from this is that every time Facebook takes down a story as Fake news, you can be assured it is the truth. Not just the truth, but the truth so true and alarming that they don’t want you to know.


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