For seven weeks, a non-fiction book about the Corona crisis has been ranked number one on the German bestseller list and hardly anyone has talked to the authors. The Kiel news has thankfully remedied.

In Kiel News (KN), Sat 08.08.2020

′′ The book ′′ Corona false alarm?” by Prof. Kanna Reiß and Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi has been ranked number one on the mirror bestseller list for weeks. The married couple are researching and teaching at the Kiel University. In the interview, scientists explain why they think the virus is less dangerous than the flu.

KN: In your book you are basically contradicting everything we have learned about the virus in the last few months: you consider it comparatively harmless and the Corona measures are unfounded. Let’s start with your criticism about the database. They write about chaos, cluelessness and scientific inability to test. What did you think went wrong?

Karina Reiß: The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) distorts the diseases and deaths. It is not explained that the number of infected persons must be much higher according to reports of international studies and that of causal deaths much lower. While countless publications worldwide, including the Heinsberg study, determine a mortality rate of approx. 0,2 percent, the RKI calls a mortality rate of five percent. This would make the virus highly dangerous. It isn’t though. Because: The RKI registers everyone tested positive as a new case without distinguishing between infection and disease, as the infection customer requires. And every deceased who has been detected the virus flows into statistics. Even if he’s never sick but gets hit by the car, he counts as a corona victim. This is against medical guidelines.

Sucharit Bhakdi: You also have to compare the test results to the number of tests. That didn’t happen. If you drive up the tests, the number of positive results increases with a relatively harmless infection with high dark digit. So if you double the test and the infection numbers double, then the result is basically the same. Against this background, it becomes clear: there has never been an exponential growth curve, there has been no explosion of the numbers. The fact that despite the flaws of the epidemic has been further tested is frivolous, because there are no absolutely safe tests and the more you test, the more the number of false positive results increases. By definition, an epidemic is over when the reference laboratories no longer find viruses. And since April no viruses have been found there.

′′ What is currently going on is unethical human attempts without any sense ′′

KN: But why do you think Sars CoV-2 virus is more harmless than flu viruses?

Karina Reiß: Both have about the same mortality. And normal flu is definitely not an epidemic of national significance. So why is it supposed to be like this on Covid-19? Also, there are severe flu seasons like two years ago, where mortality is many times higher than covid. The flu predominantly elderly, but also young people die. Only people with pre-illness die of covid, we don’t know any other case. And: Among the under 65 s, the death rate is 0,002 percent, meaning under 65, practically nobody is at risk of dying of Covid.

KN: Physicians also see the danger of Covid patients suffering severe consequential damage.

Karin Reiß: Covid-19 is a respiratory disease. The virus can also infect individual organs, so it is with many other viral diseases. This is well-known and no special feature of Covid as it likes to be portrayed.

KN: They say the epidemic is over and they fear no second wave. Why? Why?

Sucharit Bhakdi: To do this, it is necessary to explain that immunity to this virus is based on two pillars: antibodies and killer cells (T-lymphocytes). Antibodies fight the viruses before entering the cells. As a rule, however, they are too weak in numbers. That’s why viruses manage to penetrate cells. And these infested cells are then detected and destroyed by the specific killer cells. Now it’s true that despite the infection with the new Sars-CoV-2, many people didn’t get sick because 80 to 90 percent of northern Europeans already carry these specific killer cells in themselves for corona defense. Two new studies from Tübingen and the USA have provided proof of this. The Tübingen tested cold preserved blood of 185 people. These were from before 2019 before the virus existed. The killer cells in 80 percent of people have recognized Sars-CoV-2 They have been detected as they look similar to cells infested by the other corona virus. Corona viruses have been around for a very long time and people have built up appropriate immunity. It’s called herd immunity. This makes every sense of vaccination in the broad population, because immunity already exists.

KN: However, with a vaccination, risk groups could protect themselves, for which the virus can become undisputed.

Sucharit Bhakdi: Basically the idea is right. Unfortunately, vaccinations are known to work with the risk group Risikogruppe 80 only with amplifiers, where the potentially dangerous side effects have to be thoroughly examined. The vaccinations that are currently being developed and are already being tested on humans in Germany are genetically based and therefore fire-dangerous. In fact, the gene of a virus part is vaccinated. The goal of forming an immune defense against the virus could be achieved. But there is the possibility of autoimmune reactions. Due to the existing ′′ herd immunity 80 percent of people will recognize and destroy the cells that produce the virus proteins. When and where autoimmune diseases then occur is not considered and researched at all. So it’s simply irresponsible to want to vaccinate immune people with it. What is currently going on is unethical human attempts without any sense.

′′ The RKI registers every positive tested as a new case ′′

KN: Mr. Bhakdi, you are one of the few publicly speaking critically about corona politics since March. You say you have been ignored and defamed and you are talking about opinion censorship. Was the book the only way to make yourself heard?

Sucharit Bhakdi: We didn’t know what interest it would come across. We don’t charge, we want to stimulate thinking and invite you to discussion. For if there is a core truth in what we say, then the damage that can be averted by our children and generations to come is immeasurable.

KN: You ask in your book: ′′ Why did our government ignore other opinions and make decisions completely arbitrarily without basis?” Also elsewhere you speak polemically, that certainly not every reader likes that. I ask you: How do you explain that a majority of politicians and scientists see Corona as a great danger?

Karin Reiß: The book was created as a work as it was due to the situation, I had to write down everything that annoyed, plagued and depressed me. We can’t answer your question though. Sure: Every thinking person wonders how an enlightened, educated society could fall for such a madness. But we are scientists and don’t want to participate in speculation.

Interview: Karen Schwenke – Kiel News, 08.08.2020

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