This is not the first time that large pharmceutical companies faked a pandemic to sell drugs.

It happened in 2010, but did you hear about it, or did you miss it, because it was stopped in time.

Ten years later and politicians are blind to the fact that this has happened before, or are they being paid by the billionaires to go along with the scam.

How many political parties have been funded by owners of Big Pharma?

They failed in 2010, but this time they have learnt by their mistakes and made sure they have all of social and MSM in their pockets to make sure their scam doesn’t fail this time.

They don’t care how many people get made unemployed or how many businesses get made bankrupt. This is all part of the plan as Bezos wants the monopoly on many of these businesses.

Watch the Channel 4 documentary of 2010, which exposed the 2010 scam.

Now just look at how many people the Gates Foundation has in his pocket, in order to make this scam work this time.

Gates Foundation Teams Up With Vaccine Maker to Produce $3 Covid-19 Shots

Gates with Nicola Sturgeon
Gates and Macron
Bill Gates with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheik Mohamed bin Zayed.
Gates with Angela Merkel
Gates with Jacinda Ahern NZ PM

These are just a few that are part of the scam, I am sure you will find many more.

Be careful of who you hav your photo taken with, because it could come back and haunt you.


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